The Tech

planning hikes with data

GPS Logging


First GPS logs taken on the John Muir Trail. Leveraged Google Location Logger on an HTC Droid DNA powered by a solar panel. The battery for the solar panel ended up dying halfway through the trip. I had to power the phone directly from the solar panel when in direct sunlight for the rest of the trip.

Elevate ME


Created my first SPOT based track mapping application while my dad and sister were attemping to get a Fastest Known Time on New Hampshires 48 4,000 footers. The data was also used to develop an elevation profile of their trip.

Long Trail Tracker


Developed a track for our Long Trail through hike. The tracker came in two parts. A webapp that pulled data from the SPOT API and ran analysis to calculate progess on the trip, as well as ETAs to landmarks.

The same codebase was used as the basis for an Android app that we used to approximate more accurately the time to waypoints, and better plan breaks and finish location while on the trail.

Hundered Mile Wilderness Tracker


Rewrote the algorithm from the Long Trail Tracker to adjust distance estimates from waypoint to waypoint to provide more accutate ETAs.